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All information about SH-Technologies.
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Lectures about IT-topics: ISDN, Wide-band ISDN, ADSL, Transmission Processes, Ethernet, Cryptology and Intranet-TCP/IP.
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A lot of information about OMG's Common Object Request Broker Architecture.
Many things around GNU/Linux, e.g. latest Kernel downloads and links to known distribution.
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"You Buy It, You Own It!"
Several record companies are beginning to ship music disks that are disfunctional. Consumers bying CDs in a record store or online, paying full price for what they belive is a normal CD, only to return home to discover that the CD won’t play on their computers, in their cars and even on certain other CD components.
Because corrupt CDs may bear the ’CD’ trademark and are sold alongside ordinary CDs, consumers are being fooled into purchasing inferior products.
Philips has taken a courageous stand against disfunctional CDs.

"Dare Devil" 20.März 2003
"Dreamcatcher" 10.April 2003
"X-Men 2" 01.Mai 2003
"The Matrix Reloaded" 05.Juni 2003
"2 Fast 2 Furious (The Fast & The Furious 2)" 19.Juni 2003
"3 Engel für Charlie - Volle Power" 10.Juli 2003
"Terminator 3: Der Aufstand der Maschinen" 31.Juli 2003
"The Matrix Revolutions" 06.November 2003
Liberty One, Aug 23-25 2002