Integrated Services Digital Network
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  This lecture deals with the topic Integrated Services Digital Network, known as ISDN. It is a compact and clear introduction into the area of ISDN and contains the foundation for deeper-going lectures like the wide-band ISDN lecture.
Author : Sven Hüber , 1998
    Wide-band ISDN
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  Wide-band ISDN offers the possibility to transfer data of wide-band applications between costumers and makes so ways of communication like video conferences available. The lecture is a short overview about this topic.
Author : Gunnar Osterode , 1998
    Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
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  This presentation was composed to introduce you into the new transmission protocol Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line - ADSL. The process was developed to transfer high bit rate through normal two-core copper wire.
Author : Sven Hüber , 1999
    Transmission Processes
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  In the world of computers exist different processes to transfer data between computer systems in fast and reliable way. These processes will be described detailed in the lecture.
Author : Torsten Schülert , 1998
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  This lecture contains all you should know about cryptology.
Author : Marco Stein , 1999
    Intranet and TCP/IP
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  The TCP/IP standard is the most popular foundation of connected computer systems for years and was often used for company Intranets. The lecture combines this two topics.
Author : Steffen Haase , 1998
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  The Ethernet transmission protocol is used more and more to connect computer systems in Local Area Networks. The next lecture shows you the basics of this LAN protocol.
Author : Christian Kieser , 1998
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