Last Update : 2002-02-12
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All information about SH-Technologies.
SH-Technologies LinkPage to the most important private and commercial homepages.
Lectures about IT-topics: ISDN, Wide-band ISDN, ADSL, Transmission Processes, Ethernet, Cryptology and Intranet-TCP/IP.
SH-Technologies projects: E-Commerce Information Page, E-Shop-Solution, StarCalc Tutor, Secure HTML and Java Club Page.
A lot of information about OMG's Common Object Request Broker Architecture.
Many things around GNU/Linux, e.g. latest Kernel downloads and links to known distribution.
Dates of big events on SH-Technologies page.
Area for all Members of SH-Technologies.
Page Administration Site.
SH-Technologie - Guest Book/ Response form/ Mail to Webmaster.
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