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The worldwide web will be used more and more to provide information and offers special IT solutions.

The computer science faculty at the Merseburg university for applied science educates IT specialist for worldwide encouragement. A lot of interesting lectures and presentations are made as well as tricky software solutions occur as the result of extensive project work.
These should be made accessible for all citizens of the global net village .

SH-Technologies provides this service . Also your lectures, presentations or software solutions can be published at these pages .

You can use the links at the Response page to write us your suggestion and question, to get a direct line to the SH-Technologies team .

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The S H - T e c h n o l o g i e s - Team !

    Members of S H - T e c h n o l o g i e s
 Name : Sven Hüber
 Birthday : 26.August 1976
 Residence : The Global Village
 Phone : +49-171-4729659 (D1)
 FAX : +49-721-151-279950
 E-Mail :
 Profession : Computer Scientist
 Employer : Agilent Technologies GmbH Böblingen (WWW)
 Education : Fachhochschule Merseburg (WWW)
 Areas : Software-Engineering , Computer Networks , Multimedia , Artifical Intelligence , Web Design , Distributed Computing (CORBA)

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 Name : Marco Stein
 Birthday : 18.Juni 1977
 Residence : The Bronx of Halle
 Phone : +49-174-4762748 (D2)
 FAX : +49-721-151-279950
 E-Mail :
 Profession : Computer Scientist
 Employer : Martin-Luther-Universität Halle/Saale (WWW)
 Education : Fachhochschule Merseburg (WWW)
 Areas : MS-Windows-Programming , Multimedia , Artifical Intelligence , Computer Networks , Cryptology , Computergraphics

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